Safety First!

ASAP - A Safety Awareness Program

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At Willington Little League, we take safety very seriously.  All coaches have received and are familiar with our safety plan, which you can download below.  Here are some highlights for you parents:

  • Willington Little League requires batting helmets to have face masks
  • No player ever has a bat in hand without a helmet on
  • In a game, the ONLY player with a bat in hand is the player at the plate
  • Nobody is allowed on the bench except rostered players for the team playing and cleared volunteers
  • Nobody is allowed to perform any functions on behalf of the Little League (helping on the field, on the bench, with fundraisers, with the concession stand, ANYTHING) without being cleared with a background check.
  • Cups are mandatory for all boys
  • No child with any sort of injury (cast, splint, etc) is allowed on the field.  Any injured player must get a doctors note before being allowed to play once injured.
  • In the event of an injury, after proper medical attention is administered, an accident form must be filled out and submitted.

Thank you for cooperating and understanding these rules and supporting our fantastic coaches in teaching our kids this great game SAFELY.

2019 Safety Manual (03-04-19).pdf